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7 Factors That Might Affect (and Hurt) Employee Engagement

7 Factors That Might Affect (and Hurt) Employee Engagement

If you’re in a leadership position, you’ve probably encountered employee burnout, boredom, frustration and, ultimately, turnover. The good news: these problems are solvable. 

They’re not simply the result of an individual’s work ethic; they’re symptoms of a broader problem of employee engagement. Identifying which conditions adversely influence employee engagement is the first step toward positive change. 

Below, we’ll outline 7 negative employee engagement factors, and along the way we’ll consider solutions to each issue.

The 7 Employee Engagement Factors:

1. Employees who can’t advance are more likely to leave

In a recent report, employees cited “lack of career development and advancement” as a top reason for quitting previous jobs. This problem, like the other factors of employee engagement, is expensive and creates a negative work environment. To increase motivation and re-engage employees, give them something to work toward; their long-term satisfaction depends upon long-term goals that can be accomplished on a clear, realistic timeline. 

Ways to develop opportunities:

2. Employees who aren’t challenged feel bored

Sometimes, you don’t mind cleaning up a spreadsheet. But if that’s all you do, you’re headed for burnout fast. One employee’s boredom is an issue for the whole organization, since a lack of meaningful work leads people to quit — and turnover costs time, resources, and money.

Ways to spark interest:

  • Assign a mix of simple, rote tasks and more difficult, creative problems
  • Give employees flexible deadlines when possible to prioritize projects they find interesting
  • Encourage employees to jump into projects and conversations they’re passionate about when they have bandwidth

3. Employees who don’t have the right resources are frustrated

When digital solutions are ignored in favor of cheaper do-it-yourself options, the employee experience suffers. As much as 81% of employees feel frustrated when they don’t have what they need to do their job efficiently. Company leaders have the important role of setting employees up for success with specific tools.

Employee engagement statistic

Ways to support success:

  • Subscribe to job-specific apps for different teams, like Grammarly for content writers or Figma for designers
  • For remote teams, invest in a virtual office environment to foster collaboration (here at GoLinks, we have fun together with Gather)
  • Create a plan to stop knowledge loss and improve documentation

4. Employees who can’t find what they need are burnt out

These employee engagement factors are related, but whereas #3 relates to having what you need, this is about finding what you need. The average employee spends 3.6 hours daily just searching for information, and that feeling of wasted time contributes to burnout. Knowledge management is a solution with many benefits, including increasing employee productivity and engagement.

Ways to organize information:

  • Invest in a knowledge-management platform like Notion, Jira, or Confluence
  • Use an internal link management solution like GoLinks to improve information access and collaboration (for example, use go/benefits to connect people to their benefits)
  • Why not both? GoLinks integrates with other solutions to make knowledge management easier than ever
Employee engagement factor: employees who can't find things are burnt out

5. Employees who don’t feel heard are less productive

When an employee feels like their opinion doesn’t matter, they’re less motivated to try. Conversely, employees who feel heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered and perform better at work. Want proof? Learn how to measure employee productivity.

Ways to listen better:

  • Schedule regular 1:1s between supervisors and employees 
  • Set up a mentoring program 
  • Create spaces for input, like a dedicated #feedback channel on Slack

6. Employees who don’t feel recognized perform worse

Recognition is perhaps the easiest of the employee engagement factors to improve. It isn’t about oversight and micromanaging; it’s about positive acknowledgment. Compared to a raise, employee recognition is five times as likely to drive great work. Within a culture of frequent, cross-departmental recognition, employees are highly motivated. 

Ways to foster community:

  • Start or end all-staff meetings with time to shoutout team members’ accomplishments
  • Introduce a recognition platform like GoProfiles, which offers a fun directory and public “bravos” to acknowledge coworkers’ successes 
employee engagement factor: employees who don't feel recognized perform worse

7. Employees who feel disconnected from company decisions are less motivated

Of the 7 employee engagement factors, this might be the least obvious, but it’s still important. When a company lacks transparency, employees lack a sense of community and trust. In fact, 85% of employees say they’re most motivated when offered regular updates on company news.

Ways to share updates:

  • Send out a biweekly company newsletter to employees 
  • Communicate updates in all-staff meetings
  • Create a living document of company updates to keep employees in-the-know (Pro Tip: Simplify access to that doc with GoLinks)
Share company updates to keep employees connected

Start improving engagement 

With the right tools and initiatives, you can address these 7 critical factors that influence employee engagement, and over time positive efforts can make a real impact. Some key takeaways? Encourage employees and foster an organizational culture that prioritizes employee satisfaction. Engaged employees work harder, which benefits everything from company culture to bottom line. 

Ready to tackle these employee engagement factors? Try GoProfiles, a people platform that can positively affect employee engagement. With features like Employee Recognition and Employee Maps, you’ll be able to foster deeper connections. Schedule a demo to learn more. 

Improve employee engagement with GoProfiles


How do these employee engagement factors vary across different industries or organizational cultures?

Industries like technology or finance often prioritize career advancement opportunities and challenging work assignments to retain top talent. In contrast, sectors such as healthcare or education may emphasize factors like work-life balance and job security due to the nature of the work and regulatory requirements. Additionally, organizational cultures can influence which factors are most pronounced. In a startup culture, employees may value autonomy and innovation, while in a more traditional corporate environment, factors like recognition and communication may be prioritized.

What are some challenges leaders might face when trying to implement solutions to address employee engagement factors?

Leaders may face resistance from middle management or employees accustomed to existing practices. Additionally, budget constraints and resource limitations can hinder the implementation of engagement initiatives. Overcoming these challenges requires a multi-faceted approach, including clear communication about the benefits of engagement initiatives, involving employees in the decision-making process, and securing buy-in from key stakeholders.

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