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Introducing GoProfiles: The People Platform For Employees Working Anywhere

Introducing GoProfiles: A People Platform For Employees Working Anywhere

68% of workers in the US are disengaged with their jobs. 

52% of remote workers feel less connected to their peers. 

These stats highlight the problems a lot of companies are facing right now. So many things have been thrown at employees in the past few years — a pandemic, an economic downturn, a shift to remote work, layoffs, RIFs, and the list goes on. Can you relate? 

With these struggles top of mind, the team at GoLinks has been hard at work on a tool that’s focused on connection. 

We’re thrilled to introduce ✨GoProfiles✨ — a people platform for employees working anywhere. This tool combines the best parts of employee directories and peer recognition to create a whole new type of platform. 

Start building stronger, more genuine employee connections with GoProfiles!

GoProfiles features 

👤Employee profiles 

The job title on your Slack profile just isn’t enough information. When employees work remotely, they may never interact with coworkers beyond the bounds of their roles. GoProfiles provides employees with more meaningful coworker information that builds stronger connections. Discover things like skills and interests, achievements, work anniversary, location, and more. 

GoProfiles People Platform: Profiles

👥 Org chat 

As your organization grows, it can be hard to keep track of who works in which department. And manually maintaining an org chart is a complex, time-consuming process. With GoProfiles, you can easily visualize internal  hierarchies t. You can click on managers to view their direct reports, you can click on faces to view their profiles, plus GoProfiles automatically pulls info from your HRIS and updates employee roles automatically. 

GoProfiles People Platform: Org chat

🌎 Employee map 

Stop asking coworkers what time zone they’re in. Use the employee map to visualize your distributed team and to connect with peers located in your neck of the woods. Narrow in on results using attributes like department and hire date. Click on profile icons to learn more details like employee interests and accomplishments.

GoProfiles People Platform: Employee map

🗣 Peer recognition 

Don’t let praise go unnoticed! The GoProfiles people platform helps you cultivate a culture of gratitude with Bravos; recognition badges that employees can share with coworkers. Bravos can be connected to a designated Slack channel and accumulate on employee profiles — so recognition is public and permanent. 

GoProfiles peer recognition on Slack

🤖GoAI assistant 

Make it easier than ever to find employee information with generative AI. You can ask the GoAI chatbot questions like “Do we have employees in Colorado?”, “Who leads the Customer Success team?”, “Who has received the most Bravos,” and even “Who likes basketball?” GoAI will give you instant replies so you can connect with the right people at the right time. 

GoProfiles GoAI assistant - instant answers to work questions

And that’s not all! Learn more about GoProfiles features and how this tool can help transform your org. 

How fabric is building connections with GoProfiles 

As a remote company spread across the US, fabric was having a hard time building meaningful connections. Val Rupp, Chief People Officer at fabric, shared, “There was an opportunity for more interpersonal presence between fabric team members.”

They needed an easy way for employees to know who’s who — and who’s located near them. 

GoProfiles helped them with this exact problem. With the employee map, they can finally visualize their distributed team, resulting in more in-person get-togethers. With the peer recognition feature, employees can also celebrate each other in an “inclusive org-wide manner.” 

GoProfiles + fabric customer story quote

Since implementing the GoProfiles people platform, fabric has seen some exciting results, including: 

🎉 24 Bravos in 30 days 

💬 More team interactions

🏆 Improved participation 

GoLinks + GoProfiles 

Get the most out of GoProfiles with GoLinks. These two tools combined will help your employees get to the information they need instantly. For example, you can type go/@name or go/map in your address bar to instantly get to an employee profile or your company’s map. 

GoLinks + GoProfiles

Explore the entire GoLinks productivity suite 

We didn’t stop after creating GoProfiles! 

We also recently launched GoSearch — AI-enhanced enterprise search to help you take team knowledge management to a whole new level. 

With GoSearch, employees can search all internal information in seconds, helping them regain the time they used to spend searching manually across multiple apps. AI-powered recommendations will display the most relevant information, resources, and people data according to your search queries. 

GoSearch AI enhanced enterprise search

Here’s a little example of how GoLinks + GoSearch + GoProfiles all work together to help you save time throughout the day: 

Jennifer recently started working at a new company and wants to revisit her onboarding instructions. 

Thanks to GoSearch, she is able to ask the GoAI assistant, “where can I find onboarding instructions?” 

Thanks to Golinks, GoAI is able to instantly recommend resources like go/onboarding and go/newhire. Jennifer can now easily access these resources at any time with the memorable go link. 

Thanks to GoProfiles, GoAI is also able to instantly recommend HR employees that Jennifer can reach out to with questions. Jennifer can click on their employee profiles to see their time zone and determine the best time to reach out with questions. 

Getting started with GoProfiles

Give your employees an easier way to find coworker information, share appreciation, and build more genuine connections. Schedule a demo to learn more about this new people platform, or head to www.goprofiles.io

GoLinks People Platform - schedule a demo
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