Employee org chart

Find connections faster with an employee org chart

Visualize reporting relationships within your org by zooming in on departments and leaders.
Employee org chart
The employee org chart syncs with your HR or IT platforms

Real-time org hierarchy — no management needed

Our org chart software syncs with your HR or IT platforms to bring an up-to-date visualization of your entire company.
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An employee org chart that everyone in your company can use

A company org chart for everyone, not just HR

Build trust and empower employees to understand the staffing direction of your company by making team structures transparent.
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Find and discover employee information and connections easily

Purpose-built solutions that deliver information to your fingertips

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Memorable short links

Get to any resource instantly using memorable go links shared by your entire org.

⚡️ Instant resource access

🧠️ Intuitive knowledge sharing

💡 Information discovery

✨ AI-powered suggestions

Get to resources instantly
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Enterprise search

Search across all your content hubs from one search bar—results powered by generative AI.

🔍️ Search across all work apps

✨ AI-powered results

🤖 AI conversational chat

⚡️ 100+ data connectors

Start simplifying search
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People knowledge

Find and discover information about the people of your org. Give recognition and celebrate achievements.

🙋‍♀️️ Employee profiles

👍️ Peer recognition

📈️ Employee engagement

✨ AI-powered search

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