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How HR Teams Can Strengthen Employee Connection with GoProfiles

How HR Teams Can Strengthen Employee Connection with GoProfiles

There are a lot of hurdles in today’s work environment that keep companies from fostering genuine employee connection. So if your org has struggled with this, you’re not alone. 

84% of employees say a sense of community is key to success — yet over half of employees say they don’t know their coworkers very well. 

On top of this, one study found that over half of employees have left a job or strongly considered leaving a job because they didn’t have a sense of belonging to a community at work. 

A big takeaway from these stats? To achieve success, maintain talent, and improve engagement, you need to foster genuine connections. 

In a recent chat with Linh Phan, Head of People Ops at GoLinks, we covered the topic of relationship building at work with the help of software like GoProfiles. In this article, we’ll share her thoughts and tips on using GoProfiles to foster positive working relationships and employee connection.

What is GoProfiles

GoProfiles is an AI-powered employee engagement platform that HR teams can use to help coworkers connect with one another and celebrate accomplishments. With features like employee profiles, employee maps, org charts, peer recognition, and more, GoProfiles helps organizations build genuine employee relationships. 

“GoProfiles has become an indispensable tool for all our employees. It really helps us create a sense of community among all of our employees and provides them with the information they need to connect with the right coworkers and collaborate on projects.”

— Linh Phan, Head of People Ops at GoProfiles

How GoProfiles builds employee connection 

Here’s what Linh had to say about different GoProfile features and how they support organizations who are trying to build engagement and connection.

Help coworkers get to know each other with employee profiles 

“Within each profile lies the potential for meaningful connections. GoProfiles offers a seamless pathway to discover like-minded peers, sparking conversations and forging professional collaborations. With all of the information that is shown on each person’s profile and at the company level, it’s really a simple way to find other people with similar backgrounds and interests and be able to launch a conversation or collaborate on a professional basis.”

Cultivate a sense of value with peer recognition 

“We recognize the pivotal role peer acknowledgment plays in fostering engagement and cultivating a sense of value among employees. Through GoProfiles, every member, regardless of team or rank, can participate in this culture of appreciation.

One of the features that really stands out is Bravos. This is our peer recognition platform that helps employees feel more valued. It’s a way for coworkers within a company to give recognition to another coworker or their manager — and the manager to the employees. The feature can be integrated with Slack, Ms. Teams, and even shared on LinkedIn to recognize employees in the broader professional network.”

Facilitate employee engagement with milestone celebrations

“We have employee milestone features where birthdays and work anniversaries are highlighted and shared to Slack for team members to engage. You can also see who’s celebrating an upcoming milestone in the GoProfiles dashboard — and this just really provides everyone with an opportunity to reach out and make someone’s day.”

Encourage transparency with easy access to information 

“We have a core value of transparency, and GoProfiles helps us achieve this. The platform is a really easy way for everyone to see all the information that they need about each employee. We also practice extreme ownership here, and it’s a lot easier to reach out to an expert in the company and learn something rather than trying to go down a rabbit hole of research. GoProfiles connects employees to subject matter experts and helps them get fast answers.” 

Speed up workflows with generative AI

“AI is a big part of all our products, and it really helps connect employees to any information they need to find. Within GoProfiles, for example, everyone has a bio and a skills and interests section on their employee profile. Using the generative AI chatbot in GoProfiles, it’s easy to ask any question and surface that information. 

For example, “Who can I talk to about HR benefits?” would surface an HR employee they can reach out to. If I live in a certain state and want to meet up with a coworker in that state, I could ask a question like “Who lives in Tennessee?” 

Getting started with GoProfiles

Trying to stay ahead of the HR curve? GoProfiles can help you out with brand new AI features and tools to help your company form genuine connections.

Try it out for free, or chat with our team to learn more.

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