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Employee Hub Software Guide for Digital Workplaces

Employee Hub Software Guide for Digital Workplaces

With the rise of remote work, there has also been a rise in remote work tools. Companies use different apps for things like communication, collaboration, people data, etc. 

This has also led to some confusion. It can be hard for employees to remember which tool is used for what purpose. 

Being remote, it can also be challenging for employees to connect with and know their coworkers.

That’s where employee hubs come in. They’re centralized places where employees can connect, collaborate, and get the information they need to do their jobs.  

In this article, we’ll cover what employee hub software is, how it works, and different tool options. 

What is employee hub software?

Employee hub software is an integrated digital platform that centralizes various tools and resources needed for employees to perform their tasks effectively. It acts as a one-stop-shop for all internal communications, collaboration, employee data, and other essential functions. Think of it as a robust employee intranet or an enhanced digital workspace that brings everything together into an all in one user-friendly interface.

Key features of employee hub software

  • Internal communications: Facilitate effective communication across the organization with tools like chat, announcements, and forums.
  • Collaboration tools: Encourage teamwork and innovation with features like project management, shared workspaces, and integrated social networks.
  • Content management: Easily manage and share documents, policies, and other important content, ensuring the right information reaches the right people.
  • Intranet solutions: Provide a centralized portal for accessing company news, resources, and tools, fostering a connected and informed workforce.
  • Mobile apps: Ensure that employees can access the hub from anywhere, using mobile devices for on-the-go productivity.
  • Engagement features: Boost employee engagement with tools for recognition, feedback, and gamification, all aimed at enhancing the overall employee experience.
  • Employee data: Manage and access detailed employee information, including directories, org charts, and employee profiles, facilitating better communication and organizational understanding.
  • Generative AI: Utilize AI to generate insights, automate tasks, and provide personalized content, improving efficiency and user experience.
  • User experience: Prioritize ease of use with intuitive design and functionality, making it simple for employees to navigate and find what they need.
  • Integration with other tools: Seamlessly integrate with other software like Google Workspace, enhancing functionality and improving workflows.

Why is employee hub software important?

Employee hub software plays a crucial role in modernizing the workplace by providing a unified platform that addresses several key aspects of employee interaction and management:

  • Enhances internal communication: Centralizing communication channels ensures that messages are not lost and that everyone is kept informed.
  • Improves employee experience: With easy access to resources and information, employees can navigate their roles more efficiently, leading to higher satisfaction.
  • Fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing: Collaboration tools and social networks embedded within the hub encourage teamwork and knowledge sharing.
  • Promotes company culture: Centralizing all resources related to company culture, policies, and news helps build a cohesive and engaged workforce.
  • Boosts employee engagement: Features like recognition programs and feedback tools keep employees motivated and engaged.

Employee hub software tools

1. GoProfiles + GoSearch

GoSearch and GoProfiles create an integrated employee hub, revolutionizing how teams connect and access information. 

GoProfiles is an AI-powered employee engagement platform that connects with your HRIS systems to help create information-rich profiles

GoProfiles employee hub

GoSearch is an AI-powered enterprise search platform that connects to all your workplace apps to centralize them into one hub. It offers a unified search bar that retrieves all workplace information, including data from GoProfiles. 

GoSearch employee hub

Together, these tools create the ultimate employee hub experience. 

GoProfiles features✅ Employee profiles
✅ Org chart 
✅ Directory Map 
✅ Peer recognition 
✅ Employee rewards 
✅ Employee celebrations
✅ People analytics
✅ Generative AI chat
GoSearch features✅ Enterprise search 
✅ Company announcements 
✅ Company glossary 
✅ Company Q&As 
Go links 
✅ Generative AI chat 
✅ Custom GPTs

How they work together

GoSearch seamlessly accesses and displays employee data from GoProfiles, allowing users to find coworker information and other relevant details from a single search interface. This integration enhances communication, streamlines information access, and fosters stronger workplace connections.

2. Zoho Connect

Zoho Connect is an employee hub that offers features like discussion forums, task management, and file sharing.

3. Jive

Jive provides an intranet solution with strong social networking features.

4. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is an all-in-one employee hub that includes intranet solutions, task management, CRM, and collaboration tools. 

5. Blink

Blink is a mobile-first employee hub that focuses on improving communication and engagement for frontline workers. 

6. Simpplr

Simpplr is an employee intranet platform that focuses on improving internal communication and knowledge sharing. 

7. Workvivo

Workvivo is an employee communication platform that integrates internal communication, employee recognition, and engagement tools.

8. Interact

Interact is an employee hub that offers a range of intranet solutions, including content management, communication tools, and collaboration features. 

9. LumApps

LumApps is an intranet platform that integrates with Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365. 

10. Staffbase

Staffbase is an employee communication platform that offers mobile apps, intranet solutions, and engagement features. It focuses on improving internal communication and creating a connected digital workplace.


2. How can employee hub software benefit my organization? It streamlines processes, improves internal communications, fosters collaboration, and enhances employee engagement, leading to a more productive and motivated workforce.

3. What are some key features to look for in employee hub software? Key features include content management, task management, collaboration tools, internal communication channels, integration capabilities, mobile apps, and user-friendly interfaces.

4. Can employee hub software integrate with tools like Google Workspace? Yes, many employee hub software solutions integrate with Google Workspace and other tools, providing a seamless experience and enhancing workflow efficiency.

5. How does employee hub software improve company culture? By centralizing communication, fostering collaboration, and providing engagement features, employee hub software helps build a cohesive, informed, and motivated workforce, which strengthens company culture.

Create the ultimate employee hub experience

Elevate your digital workplace with GoProfiles + GoSearch – streamline operations, boost employee engagement, and create a connected company culture. Discover more today!

GoProfiles employee hub
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