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How to Use Employee Engagement Tools to Increase Motivation

How to Use Employee Engagement Tools to Increase Motivation

For people managers and HR leaders in the SaaS industry, maintaining high levels of employee engagement is not just a goal—it’s a strategic imperative. 

According to Gallup, engaged employees are “involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace.”

So essentially, high levels of engagement = high levels of motivation. 

And motivated employees get more done. Gallup has also found that employees work 20% better when motivated. 

Wondering how to use employee engagement to increase motivation?

In this article, we’ll explore some employee engagement tools that can drive employees to feel motivated. Plus, we’ll share how you can best implement these tools. 

The critical role of employee engagement tools

Employee engagement tools are critical in this effort, as they provide innovative ways to establish and strengthen the bonds between team members and the organization. From enhancing communication to recognizing contributions, these tools can transform the way employees interact with their work and with each other.

Top employee engagement tools

Here are some top employee engagement and motivation tools for your company to look into: 

  • TinyPulse: An employee feedback tool that helps leaders collect anonymous feedback and gain insights into team morale.
  • Officevibe: A platform that provides surveys, reports, and insights to help understand team engagement and performance.
  • Slack: While primarily a communication tool, Slack’s integrations with other apps can help foster collaboration and a sense of community.
  • Asana: A project management tool that helps keep teams organized and focused, with features for celebrating milestones and tracking achievements.
  • 15Five: Combines performance management software with employee feedback, OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), recognition, and one-on-one meeting agendas.
  • WorkTango: Offers employee voice and recognition solutions, enabling leaders to make informed decisions and acknowledge employee efforts.
  • Bonusly: A fun and easy way for teammates to celebrate each other with micro-bonuses, enhancing the everyday work experience.
  • Engagedly: A platform that redefines performance management by integrating elements of employee engagement with performance reviews.
  • GoProfiles: A whole new people platform that combines the features of employee directories and peer recognition tools to help organizations build stronger connections. 
How to Use Employee Engagement Tools to Increase Motivation? GoProfile employee map

Each of these tools offers unique features that can help address various aspects of employee engagement and employee retention. When selecting tools for your organization, consider your team’s specific needs and dynamics to ensure the tools will be well received and effectively utilized.

Diving deeper into GoProfiles

Among the many available tools, GoProfiles stands out as a versatile solution designed to enhance the sense of belonging and appreciation within a distributed workforce. By emphasizing meaningful connections, GoProfiles addresses the core aspects of what makes a team cohesive and motivated.

How to Use Employee Engagement Tools to Increase Motivation - GoProfiles Employee Profiles

Expanding on GoProfiles features

Here’s a closer look at the features GoProfiles brings to the table and how they contribute to high employee engagement:

  • Detailed Employee Profiles: Beyond basic information, these profiles offer a comprehensive view of an individual’s professional journey, personal interests, and unique contributions to the company.
  • Interactive Org Chart: This feature provides a dynamic and updated visual representation of the organization’s structure, facilitating better understanding and communication across different levels.
  • Employee Location Mapping: A visual tool that not only indicates the geographic distribution of team members but also encourages regional collaboration and camaraderie for employees who work from home.
  • Peer Recognition System: The Bravos feature goes beyond simple acknowledgment, creating a permanent record of appreciation that contributes to an employee’s sense of value and achievement.
  • Intelligent GoAI Assistant: Leveraging the power of AI, this assistant helps employees quickly locate information and resources, effectively reducing barriers to collaboration.

How to use employee engagement to increase motivation

Simply implementing an engagement tool is not enough. To truly benefit from GoProfiles or any other tool, it’s important to integrate these best practices:

  • Seamless integration: Ensure that the engagement tools are a natural extension of existing processes and workflows, allowing for an intuitive user experience.
  • Active encouragement: Leadership should actively encourage the use of these tools, demonstrating their importance and benefits through regular communication and example.
  • Public recognition: Publicly celebrate successes and milestones to cultivate an environment where recognition is valued and expected.
  • Comprehensive training: Invest in thorough training sessions to empower employees to use the tools effectively and confidently.
  • Feedback and evolution: Continuously collect feedback from employees and use it to refine and evolve the tools for better alignment with the company’s goals and culture.

Implementing employee engagement tools: A step-by-step guide

To help you effectively implement GoProfiles and other engagement tools, here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Assess your needs: Before anything else, understand your organization’s specific engagement challenges and opportunities.
  2. Choose the right tools: Select tools like GoProfiles that address your needs and fit well with your company culture and technological infrastructure.
  3. Plan for integration: Develop a comprehensive plan and engagement strategy for how the tools will be integrated into your daily operations and long-term goals.
  4. Train your team: Provide training and resources to ensure everyone is comfortable and proficient with the new tools.
  5. Launch with a bang: Create excitement and buy-in by launching the tools with clear communication about their benefits and potential impact.
  6. Gather feedback: Regularly solicit feedback from employees to understand how the tools are being used and how they can be improved.
  7. Iterate and improve: Use the feedback to make ongoing adjustments, ensuring the tools continue to meet the evolving needs of your team.

Empowering your workforce with engagement tools

The strategic use of employee engagement tools like GoProfiles can significantly boost motivation and keep employees productive within your organization. By fostering genuine connections and recognizing the individual contributions of each team member, you can create a vibrant and supportive workplace culture that thrives in today’s remote work landscape.

Additional insights

To further emphasize the importance of employee engagement, let’s explore additional insights:

  • Statistical evidence: Studies have shown that companies with highly engaged employees outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share, and a 1% increase in employee engagement can result in a 0.6% growth in sales for companies.
  • Case studies: Organizations like Google and Zappos have publicly attributed part of their success to their focus on creating an engaging work environment. Their strategies include transparency in communication, employee empowerment, and investment in personal and professional development opportunities.
  • Practical advice: Encourage regular one-on-one meetings between managers and their team members to discuss not just work-related topics but also personal development and well-being. Utilize engagement tools to facilitate these conversations and track progress.
  • Cultural impact: Embed the values of recognition and collaboration into the company’s culture. This can be done through regular team-building activities, shared goals, and open forums for discussion, all supported by tools like GoProfiles.

Embrace the future of employee engagement

Take the first step towards enhancing your team’s motivation and cohesion. Visit www.goprofiles.io to explore GoProfiles, schedule a demo, and begin your journey to a more connected and engaged workforce.

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